January 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but don't panic.  We've searched Etsy to give you some fabulous handmade choices for everyone on your gift giving list!  (And of course, don't forget to check out our site for loads of customizable or ready-to-ship jewelry.)

Valentine's Day Gift Collage: Burlap Bags, Mug, Beer Soap, Best Friends Print


10. If you have some small gifts on your list (think co-workers or kids’ classmates), these adorable little burlap bags are just right for holding some sweet treats.  Hand-embroidered on aida fabric by StashStitchery.

9. A great all around gift for just about anyone you love, Sammieslettering makes a fun handpainted mug that those of us in snow-prone states will appreciate! The signature can be customized with your name or simply “Love, Me.”

8. If this unique gift doesn’t make your man crack a smile, I don’t know what will!  Beer soap from FattySoapCo is available in all his favorite brands.

7. Not everyone has a significant other, but Valentine’s Day is all about love, right?  So why not celebrate the love you share with your best girlfriend?  Wandering Fables offers a completely customizable tribute to friendship that features a photo and several two word phrases to describe you and your BFF.  Available in all sorts of print options and even in a digital option as well!

Valentine Gift Collage: Leg Warmers, T-shirt, Sports Plaque, Chocolate Bath Bombs

6. We don’t want to leave out the little ones in your life.  Doll up your little princess in these lacy leg warmers from ChicCoutureBoutique. 

5. A “Be Mine” t-shirt tie, also from ChicCoutureBoutique, will look too cute on your little man.

4. For the sports fanatic, look no further than ChicLovesVintage for gorgeous team artwork.  These detailed pieces are handcrafted and look amazing!

3. Pamper yourself or give a friend the gift of indulgence with these Valentine’s Day bath bombs from PamperingPotions that look good enough to eat.  Choose from chocolate-scented, rose-scented, or both!

Skyline Print

2. Printsinspired’s gorgeous skyline print is a gift that you both will treasure for many years to come.   Personalize with your names, phrase, date, and the skyline of a city that is special to the both of you.  This would also be an amazing gift for your couple friends or even your parents.

Red Feather Shoe Clip

1. Show yourself some love!  I am absolutely obsessed with these gorgeous shoe clips from Sofisticata.  They feature ostrich feathers and a customizable center.  I seriously need to invent an occasion to wear these, and soon!