November 03, 2015

DIY: Colorful Kraft Letter Sign

While looking around the studio one day, I felt like it wasn't quite colorful enough and remembered a pin I'd seen awhile back on Pinterest with colorful kraft letters (I of course no longer know where the original link I had looked at went to because I didn't pin it!).  So after a short trip to Michaels and some online shopping I was ready to put together some new "art" for the studio! 
Kraft Letters
Scrapbook Paper in a variety of colors/patterns
Exacto Knife (and band aids if you have the same relationship with sharp objects as me)
Glue or thin 2 sided tape
Step 1:
Cut the backs off of all of the letters by running your Exacto knife CAREFULLY along the edges of the letters.
Step 2:
Remove the insides and clean up the edges of the letters a little. 
Step 3:
Using the top portion of the letter (the piece you cut off) as a stencil trace the letter onto the back of the paper you've chosen to line that letter. 
Step 4:
Cutout the letters.  You will likely need to trim them just a little to make them small enough to fit inside, I just kept trying to fit them into the letter and cutting off a little at a time to make them fit.
Step 5: 
Either glue or tape the paper into the letters.  I used double sided tape because that is what I had on hand, though a thin layer of glue will work just as well!  If you want you can also cut strips of paper in a coordinating color and line the inside edges of the letters with this as well.  Or if you wanted to get really fancy, you could glitter the inside edges!!  I chose to leave mine plain, the kraft color of the letters,  because for this project at least, I felt we had enough glitter and I liked the contrast of the brown and colorful papers.
After you've done this for each letter in the word you are trying to spell you are done!  Display creatively!