December 08, 2015

Customer Stories: Nicole and Ryan

Ryan and Nicole were married in 2013.  They were interested in ordering custom bands at the time, but not realizing that wedding bands need to be ordered in advance, they didn’t start shopping until the weekend before the wedding.  When they couldn’t find the perfect rings, they decided to purchase temporary rings for the ceremony and pick out something more permanent later.

Before they knew it, almost two years had passed.  Ryan and Nicole had a newborn son, but still no wedding bands.  Nicole looked at several engraving shops on Etsy and ultimately chose Emily Jane Designs because she liked our pictures and descriptions.  

The couple ordered our Personalized Secret Message Rings (5mm polished sterling silver bands) with the coordinates of their wedding location engraved on the outside.  Nicole described their wedding day as an unforgettable experience with family and friends.  “We were both so happy that day.  Having an inconspicuous reminder of that day on our finger can provoke a smile every time we glance down at our hands,” she says.

On the inside, they asked us to engrave their initials, as well as the initials of their newborn son, in celebration of both their marriage and their son’s birth.

When Nicole shared her desire to have the rings for the couple’s second anniversary, we were able to work with her and rush her order at no extra cost so that the rings arrived in time.

Ryan and Nicole are happy with their order.  Nicole said, “We feel more connected now.  Our wedding bands aren’t mass-produced pieces or picked from a catalogue.  They’re unique to us and made with a purpose.  And the fact that we didn’t get them until after our son was born, and he was able to be part of the rings, makes them even more dear to us.”