October 26, 2015

Customer Stories: Sarah & Michael

In 2008 Sarah was in her final year at the University of Liverpool when she moved to Kampala, Uganda, for 7 weeks to work with special needs children as her final practical placement in Occupational Therapy.  While living in Kampala, Sarah began attending a local English-speaking church.  She met Michael in dance classes at the church and got to know him as they both became involved in youth ministry.

The weeks passed quickly, and when Sarah returned to the UK, she and Michael kept in touch through email every day.  Their friendship grew over the next 3 years, and when Sarah returned to Uganda in 2011 to work with an NGO, it blossomed into a romantic relationship.  Despite others’ worries that they were too different to make a relationship work, Michael and Sarah knew that it was their differences that made them unique and drew them closer.

In preparation for their August 2015 wedding, Michael and Sarah ordered Personalized Silver Spinner rings from Emily Jane Designs as their wedding bands.  Michael chose a clover pattern, while Sarah had the waves background.  They had their nicknames “Mr & Mrs Amps” engraved on the spinners.


Sarah says, “It’s truly beautiful when you marry your best friend. We are still learning new things about each other, and we are still dancing together in ministry. I work with children with special needs, and he teaches dance in schools with a dream to open his own dance studio. We have had our ups and downs over the years. We have difficult memories and awesome memories. We are sure there are ups and downs waiting for us still and many new memories to be made. What we know for sure: the best is yet to come, God has our backs, and a threefold cord is not easily broken. The rings will forever serve as beautiful reminder that we are now one.”